It is over – the streak ends

India lost the second match against the West Indies by one run. It was a low-scoring match, which India should have won. I did not follow this one (unlike the first one, which was on a weekday, and I was at the office, with one browser window on cricinfo), so I don’t know exactly what happened. 198 was chasable, it seems.

Anyway, all good things must come to an end, and this was the end of a good streak. Hopefully, it is a good reality check to the team and they learn enough from this ‘mistake’ and improve in the next games.


4 thoughts on “It is over – the streak ends

  1. Well, in my case it was the opposite. On account of it being Sat night, I was able to see the game completely. And unfortunately we lost! The intensity was there – that was no different from earlier games. What stood out was the fact that we missed run out attempts by not hitting the stumps on at least 4-5 occasions. And MOST of those attempts were from one of our best fielders, Yuvraj. At least two cases where he had all three stumps on view and not too far. And I think ALL of those misses were for Sarawan. Those could have made all the difference. On the other hand, West Indies fielded very well that day. On the ground as well as catching. Lara was one of the most alert at mid off / mid on, diving around and stopping balls regularly. And they took a couple of excellent catches (Sehwag and Harbhajan). Kaif and Raina played bad shots while getting out. It will be a good wake up alarm, which is required every once in a while..!

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: guess what … kaif and sehwag were the pillars in the third game! :-)Funny how Sehwag is able to pull out a good score just at the time he is clearly needed to be dropped! Lucky guy.

  3. Yes, both those guys played. And Venugopal Rao is not delivering on the few chances that he gets. Even in the A team tourney finals against Pak, he played too slow (he was captain there). And here he could not get going. He made a couple of misfields too – not good for a youngster, in this team! What is also coming through is that Dhoni and Pathan are struggling with the bat, on these pitches. Very different from the placid batting tracks of the sub-continent. And yet, they could be just an innings away from something big. Huge test for Chappell and Dravid to keep the 5-1-5 combo going in the midst of these challenges. And whats got into Agarkar man? He’s the man of the tour so far, for India..

  4. RPM says:

    @spm: yes, with another loss, it is going to tempt the team think-tank to mix things around. Let’s see what happens in the next game – composition-wise and attitude-wise.

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