Monaco Qualifying – Did he do it purposely?

Michael Schumacher stopping at the second-last corner was just enough for him to secure the pole position – even with that, Alonso ended up only 6/100ths behind!

The question is, did he do it purposely? Apparently, his action will be investigated. Let’s see what happens ….


8 thoughts on “Monaco Qualifying – Did he do it purposely?

  1. I dunno…I guess only Michael really does. Schumi does have a reputation for being ruthless at times (Damon Hill and then JV’s Jerez incident come to mind- the latter of which I think is unjustified), but I just don’t see why Michael, a seven-time World Champion would stoop to such levels to make sure he qualified on pole. Being a Schumi fan, I would love to be able to outrightly defend him, but on seeing footage of qualy, I must admit the whole incident does look a tad bit suspicious. I think I shall stick by him though…I don’t think he cheated…I think he just underestimated the corner, braked too late, locked his brakes in the process, his engine stalled and that was it…his reputation tarnished once again…P.S. Have you noticed…every season we have AT LEAST one incident involving Michael???!! Last year was Indy, this year its Monaco…the press are having a field day!!

  2. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: When I saw the qualis I really thought it was strange the way he ended up stalling. I realized later when the commentators started questioning what happened, that it could have been staged. Oh well! And yea, Michael Schumacher, because he is so competitive, tends to attract a lot of negative press. Just like Kobe, the Lakers, etc.! I think that is good company 🙂

  3. Intentional !! But he could have won the race starting from P2. I wonder, considering the Champ he is, didnt it cross his mind ? Strange, but its not the 1st time he has done that.

  4. I think one of the most unfortunate things in F1, particularly with Michael, is that people don’t forget his past misdeeds…these usually overshadow all his accomplishments. The paddock and others took great pleasure in ripping into him this time as well…as expected! However, as James Allen pointed out on the itv-f1 website…in past times, Michael was desperate to win, to achieve greatness…now that he has achieved that and more, he doesn’t see a rational explanation to Schumi’s actions at Monaco. I agree with him…Needless to say, I’m devoted to Michael…

  5. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: No, I think you are mistaken. Schumy is still as competitive as he was in his earlier days, otherwise he would have retired. He still wants to win badly, and I have a feeling beating Alonso gives him more pleasure than he was getting in beating Hakkinen or Damon Hill or DC or JV, because he realizes that Alonso not only has a better car, but he is a great driver too. So, his actions this race were not out of line with his actions in his younger days. But ripping into him and Ferrari is typical of Briatore, DC, JV, etc., so they (Ferrari) should not be surprised.

  6. I agree that Michael hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm and competitiveness, but I would like to think that having achieved so much already, he wouldn’t resort to such petty means to do well. If Monaco was a deliberate attempt to stop Fernie from getting pole, I must say that Michael didn’t pull that off very well…He hasn’t perfected the art of cheating yet!

  7. Max Mosley the FI biggie’s comment I think this is all part of the sport,” he told the Motorsport News.”This no more hurts F1 than a foul in a penalty area in football.”These things happen and it’s part of sport.”The FIA President also denied that Schumacher’s own image had been damaged by the incident.”When you come to write history, he’ll probably go down as the greatest racing driver of all time, and everyone occasionally does do something they shouldn’t do when they are under that level of pressure,” he added.

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