Monaco GP

It was such a boring race, except for the beginning where I found out that Michael Schumacher was in fact pushed all the way back to the last spot on the grid.

Kimi’s engine blowing up was basically the nail in the coffin and the fact that he was seen in the yacht minutes after his disqualification implied that he cared so little about it. So looks like he’s going to definitely go out and maybe Alonso and JPM will stay at McLaren next year?


8 thoughts on “Monaco GP

  1. It was a better race than expected. Michael did well to come in 5th from the back of the grid. Was fuming at Fisi for blocking Mark Webber for more than 2 laps even though blue flags were being waved everywhere. Was livid when Kimi retired…not because I like him, but only because he was the only real challenger to Renault that weekend.

  2. McLaren suck big time. I mean comeon yaar, haven’t they been able to do some quality research over the years to make the vehicle withstand 50-60 laps? Not once, twice but again and again and again they bump out during the race.A World class driver like Kimi, who can give MS/Alonso a run for their money, is just sitting there blowing up their engines. He used to get so pissed of before but now-a-days I feel for the disappointment shown on his face -sigh.

  3. RPM says:

    Schumi was lucky to end up 5th … because so many cars crashed out in the last 1/3rd of the race. But anyway, 5th place is better than finishing out of the points! The championship though is as I have said throughout, Alonso’s to lose. He is so bloody consistent that even if he does not finish as the winner, he will be close enough for Michael to not eat too much into the lead.

  4. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Yea, I think Kimi has given up on the team. It will be very interesting to see how Alonso fairs next year with McLaren.But on the other hand, maybe after so many years of research and feedback from Kimi, McLaren may finally get it right next year? After all they lost their design guy to Red Bull recently! And of course, all credit will go to Alonso next year 🙂

  5. I totally agree that MS was lucky to get 5th. I don’t think that JPM and DC deserved that podium finish either. Personally, I’ve already awarded this year’s Driver’s Championship to Alonso. As for Kimi, if he hadn’t considered moving to another team until now, I think Monaco must have done heaps to change his mind. I hope that Fernie’s winning streak doesn’t continue at Mclaren next year though…it would be heartwrenching to see them achieve success AFTER Kimi left the team.

  6. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: Yes, it will be sad to see McLaren hit the big time after Kimi leaves. And even sadder is the fact that Alonso will get all the credit, if it does happen. :-(Let’s see how the whole thing unfolds in the next few weeks, as drivers sign next year contracts.

  7. On Kimi:You can’t blame his not finsihing on bad luck everytimeHe’s a great driver but he pushes his cars byeond what they are capable of and blows of his chances of finishingIf you don’t have a frontrunning car- you shuld know that and you should drive within limits of what the car is capable of.

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