Congratulations to the Miami Heat – and bow down to Dwayne Wade

Yay, the Detroit Pistons lost! And more yay – the Miami Heat won!

What a performance by Dwayne Wade. Being hospitalized the night before the most important game of his life so far, and playing with the after effects of a flu, and making those jumpers in the 2rd quarter to decidedly pull away from the Pistons is simply phenomenal.

I mean yes, Shaq had a wonderful game and so did Jason Williams and practically everyone in the Heat, but Wade’s performance was unbelievable.

Now he and the rest of the Heat can rest for a few days and gear up to face a tough opponent, but I doubt if either of Phoenix or Dallas will be as tough as Detroit was.

Let’s see how the Finals unfold …


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Miami Heat – and bow down to Dwayne Wade

  1. RPM says:

    @tarun: Notice I did not post anything about it. I don’t really care. In the end looks like Kumble/Sreesanth were not able to work the magic to get one wicket!

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