Football World Cup Fever

The football World Cup started today. I tried watching the Germany-Costa Rica match a little bit. Was bored to death.

Here’s what I saw:

Passing, passing, passing, out of bounds.
Passing, passing, passing, someone falls down, ball is kicked long and far away, and then again, passing, passing, passing, out of bounds.

What is it in this game that makes it so exciting and so widely watched? I just never got it.

I do not have World Cup fever.

Instead I will be focussing on the F1 British GP this weekend, the French Open men’s finals, the NBA Finals (anything is better!), maybe even some cricket 🙂


6 thoughts on “Football World Cup Fever

  1. @ Rpm -1. It was poor ol Germany today, can’t expect an attacking game from them. They are happy even with a 1-0 victory.2. The other games you mentioned are better cause 2 of them are FINALS;& Cricket – India is playing and F1 – Alonso is kicking MS’s butt.Once soccer reaches that stage you’d luv it. Or tomorrows match for that matter Eng vs Par 😀

  2. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Yes, I will follow the Cup from semis for sure, maybe earlier. At this point, even though Germany eventually scored 4 goals, it was not worth it for me to watch. And yes, of course, finals have a more exciting atmosphere and yes, I am more familiar with those other sports, so it does make a difference. But I don’t get the ‘fever’ and that is what I am saying 🙂

  3. RPM says:

    @virginia gal: I have still not gotten around to liking hockey much. But that may be because I have never really taken interest. I feel the puck is too small to be seen in the game ;-)Can’t wait for (American) football to start again.

  4. RPM says:

    @tarun: No, highlights don’t do it for me. I like to see the game or nothing at all. Yes, highlights are good when you follow the sport and want to catch up on your favorite athlete, not for being introduced to the sport.But like Rajesh said, I will start following the World Cup from the knock out stages, and hopefully the matchups will be sort of even at that time.

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