Federer loses, sort of expectedly, but sort of surprisingly

After a bunch of errors by Nadal gave Federer the first set 6-1, things went completely against the run of play. Federer started making mistakes on some of his money shots and Nadal took great advantage of it and closed out the match without letting some flashes of brilliance from Federer come in the way of a second successive Championship.

There were two distinct moments of nervousness shown by Nadal … after all he is only 20 years old! The first set, with the anticipation and excitement of playing the #1 player with so much at stake. The second moment was when he had to close out the match and let it go to a tie break.

But other than those two moments, it was all Nadal.

I say Federer lost expectedly because I do feel that there is a mental block, and Nadal is just too good on clay. I say surprisingly because of the way he lost some key points in the second set. Pathetic.

Anyway, now on to Federer’s playground, Wimbledon. Can’t wait.


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