Lucky Mr. Sehwag

I can’t believe this guy’s luck. Just when Jaffer scored a double to cement his place and questions started popping up about Sehwag’s role in the test team, he comes up with a brilliant (scoreboard-wise) century. His style of play (180 off 190?) made it possible for India to be at 360 at the end of day 1. And then, to continue the good luck, he comes and takes 3 wickets. Can Uthappa do that? 🙂

Today’s play was rained out, but if there is one whole day’s play, it is still enough for India to get the remaining 9 wickets to score a thumping victory against a young West Indies team.

Let’s see how tomorrow shapes up.


3 thoughts on “Lucky Mr. Sehwag

  1. Pursue, Pursue Pursue and then boom a big score. Sehwag, Kaif, Laxman all are used to that now. I mean the team mgmt. has to reconsider their decisions, they shouldn’t be reluctant to drop a player. Sigh ! now that he has performed he can relax for 10 more games … I dont know where we are heading with the WC on cards

  2. Its like this. Do we want all of our batsmen to be basically reliable, good technique batsmen? Who may still fail but who may mostly never be match winners? Would you (since you have an option) have one gamble in the team? A person who can take the game away from the opposition, can destroy the confidence of the bowlers, and who, due the very nature of his style, would be a big risk as well? Just for argument’s sake.. I mean, consciously, one may opt to have a batsman of this type, in the team. Ok, it may not be the best idea to have such a batter right at the top. I mean, Gilchrist fits that role, but at least in tests, he comes in after the main batters. Just an idea, opposing the general line of thinking, for sake of debate.. not saying that I am necessarily for it!

  3. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Yes, Sehwag is now all set for another 10 games – especially because he is now taking wickets too! @spm: Well, you said it right there – Gilly comes in #7 and at that point, a gamble has much lesser risk than at the top. Sehwag’s batting is good if he clicks because as I mentioned in my post, he takes the game away from the bowlers and puts India in a position to make a match of it. 350+ at the end of the first day is typical if he survives two sessions. But having him fail 7 times out of 10 is not something the team management should be ok with. Not in tests.

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