Congratulations Miami Heat

Congratulations, Miami Heat. That was a wonderful Finals for any Heat fan to watch. Of course, since I did not care much after Dallas made it and Detroit did not, I did not watch the Finals like I watched some of the other rounds. But I watched the most important part – the last quarter of this game and the post-match celebrations.

Great job by Dwyane Wade throughout the Finals. I only saw the highlights on the news programs and he was making some unbelievable shots.

I am very happy for him, and for Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning for getting their rings.

And the only person I like from the Mavs is their high-class young coach – Avery Johnson. He speaks so precisely, so matter-of-factly, such basic stuff. He is a great addition to that club and I just wish it was not Dallas 🙂

Congratulations once again, Miami Heat. Brag on for the year!


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