My firsts

Last night was a normal night. I was going to drop my cousin and his friends to the airport and then come home and take the flight this morning to San Diego.

And then I noticed something. At dinner, I felt a pain in my mid-back. It was something like a cramp. I thought, oh no big deal, it will pass. But unfortunately, it became worse. I put a Ben Gay patch just to kid myself that it is going to get better, but the entire drive to the airport and back was bad. I took two Tylenol Extra Strengths and asked the wife to apply some Ben Gay because the patch kept coming off. It is a crucial week for me at work, and I almost had to be there.

I did not cancel anything because I thought it would get better if I slept it off. Put the alarm for 5am, packed my bag and went to sleep in deep pain.

When the alarm went off, I could not stand straight! I immediately knew that I had to stay back and not take any chances by going out of town. I cancelled the bookings, and sent out an email to the client that I am not going to make it today (at least).

Then I went back to sleep for a bit. When it was a decent time, I started calling orthpedic doctors that my insurance provider recommends. There were quite a few – between individuals and groups, I made at least 10 phone calls – but almost NO ONE had time today. Isn’t it freaking unbelievable? Just because they are specialists, they were acting snobby and were not willing to see me today.

Then it struck me. I don’t need the doctor, because they are only going to prescribe me some godforsaken pain killer. I needed to go to a chiropractor to get my back muscle straightened out. And guess what, there is one in our complex! I called them and they promptly took me in and the chiropractor was able to get some stuff straightended out, and said that a massage may help and then if needed, another session the next day.

I signed up for the massage also, and so far, it is slightly better than this morning, but I am still in deep pain.

My firsts (all time) – a visit to a chiropractor, and a massage. I will most likely be doing the same things tomorrow too.


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