Looking forward to Wimbledon – Thank you, ESPN

I am surprised how ESPN and related channels have taken up tennis (and football, with the round ball) and are showing so much live tennis even though Americans are not in the top in either mens or womens singles. It is quite a brave move and it may be a calculated move from the ATP and the WTA to increase the popularity of the sport in America because after all the money comes from here.

If we are going to see only ‘-ovas’ in womens and Federer/Nadal in mens, Americans will shut off the TV’s and switch back to baseball, basketball, football (oval ball) and hockey.

But whatever be the reason, I am glad they are showing a ton of tennis live, including the earlier rounds. Keep it up, and don’t give up, ESPN!


2 thoughts on “Looking forward to Wimbledon – Thank you, ESPN

  1. @ Rpm – thats correct. Could be a management level decision or probably a response to “enuf heard about US showing only American games” ;-)Good for the sport and for people like me, can enjoy it on TV and end the streak of following it on the net.

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