Blogger Hackers – now there is a wiki

Recently, a blogger whose blog I read regularly for tips and tricks, told me about a project he was undertaking, and I jumped at the opportunity to help him out because I have implemented some of the hacks he has put together.

The project was to create a wiki and The Bloggerhacks Wiki is now live!

Congratulations, John and the Freshblog folks. Keep it up!


2 thoughts on “Blogger Hackers – now there is a wiki

  1. Many thanks for the help & support! Much appreciated! We’ve already helped a user to add the drop-down archives menu using info from the wiki, which is awesome! Let’s see how far we can spread the word!

  2. RPM says:

    @John: Don’t mention … I felt I owed it to you and the rest of the guys who provided the hacks in the first place! After all, if google/pyra/blogger has no plans to update their product, at least we have smart people out there to get where we want to be! :-)Cheers!

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