The problem with ESPN Bottomline

I have a problem with the ticker that scrolls across the bottom of the TV on all ESPN channels. I had set my DVR to record the Indy F1 race qualifying as well as the race. So on Saturday when I was watching Wimbledon coverage I tried hard to avoid it and I ended up seeing “Michael Schumacher grabs pole” and I thought dammit I will not be able to watch the qualifying that I have recorded.

Then, at some point on Sunday, I did the same exact thing. I tried hard to avoid it, but kept switching my focus to it and saw just “Michael Schumacher” and said to myself and the wife that it was over. He won it, and I won’t be able to enjoy the recording anymore. In fact, I would not even watch it.

Some may argue that I should not have been watching TV on vacation, but there were reasons. We had walked a lot and we had come back to the hotel room to relax in the afternoon and that’s when I saw it.


4 thoughts on “The problem with ESPN Bottomline

  1. RPM says:

    @spm: Yes, work’s at a very critical, crucial stage and I don’t want to see something bad happen and not be able to change it before the long weekend is over.

  2. he he he I too have seen that. And no matter how hard I try to ignore that, I keep looking at the bottom of the screen.Tried to block it externally – but stil no use. The best thing that they could come up with is to enable/disable it .. much like the Subtiles 😀

  3. RPM says:

    @rajesh: I am sure with more and more interactivity coming on the television, turning it on and off may not be too far. In fact, how about a personalized ticker on the screen? Show me only MLB scores and show me stats with the scores 😉

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