India wins an away series

Phew. The monkey is off the back. So what if it was against the lowly West Indies? For a few moments in the series, they did not seem to be too lowly … despite the administrative turmoil there, they were able to put together some decent sessions.

Hats off to Rahul Dravid for a fantastic performance batting-wise in the final test. Amazing.

Meanwhile, Sachin Tendulkar is on a century-hitting spree in the minor league in England. More than the centuries he is hitting, what I am pleased to see is the fact that he is lasting that long. Let’s see how his ramp up goes.


2 thoughts on “India wins an away series

  1. Yeah, phew.. ! And look at them Sri Lankans, maan.. Whipped the Poms 5-0, each game so one sided. England posted big totals, and SL got them oh so easily. And do we read news items that they are the best in the world and what not?! If India had beaten Eng in Eng, even 3-2, then we would have been shouting ourselves hoarse that we are the best and all that. In fact, SL appears to be a team to recknon with in ODIs, especially for the ICC Championship.. And as far as England, well.. they suddenly appear to be extremely overrated! India is clearly a work-in-progress team. There continues to be experimentation. Lots of questions to be answered.. Big Sunday coming up though. Looks like Federer vs Nadal will precede Italy vs France!

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: Yea, speaking of being ruthless – they slammed 443 in 50 overs against Netherlands! They are too good in the one day format, I must say. And yes, don’t you agree now, what I have been saying ALL along? England is just too much hype! 🙂

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