Bombay train blasts – terror strikes back in the big city :-(

7 blasts within a real short span of time. During peak hours. On commuter trains which carry millions of passengers daily. 80 feared dead. Over 250 injured.

This is pathetic. The restless jealous bastards cannot see prosperity blooming anywhere. Just when things were going well and peacefully for the city and of course for the country, this happens and slows down everything.

I wish the guilty are found quickly and stoned in public.

Earlier there was the Shiv Sena instigation, which I truly believe was a ploy to start riots in the city. It was partial success because Shiv Sena was able to slow down and shut the city down for a day or two. But the good thing was there were no riots as such.

And now this…it truly shows that this is an act to incite some passions and start a finger-pointing and ultimately create a hostile environment which leads to instability in general.

Mumbaikars are too strong to let something like that happen. They will rise above this and move on in no time.


2 thoughts on “Bombay train blasts – terror strikes back in the big city :-(

  1. My condolences on this horrific act of terrorism. I hope the culprits are caught soon and everything goes back to normal. Thoughts and prayers with those that died.

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