Last Comic Standing – Gabriel Iglesias

Unlike Rockstar this season (see earlier post), Last Comic Standing is a very good use of one hour of your time. The comics are not too bad and the show is fun.

It was sad to see Gabriel Iglesias getting kicked out because he used a Blackberry, which was against the rules. He was certainly the funniest of the lot, though not by a big margin.

I think Chris Porter has a chance to win it all. His writing is good and his delivery is fantastic. I think he can win it.

Thanks, NBC for supporting this show. But where is Jay Mohr??? Anthony Clark is so dull.


2 thoughts on “Last Comic Standing – Gabriel Iglesias

  1. Anthony Clark is dull on this show and unlike himself, have you seen his stand-up? He is usually quite funny.I like the guy with Palsey, he’s a hoot – also liked Joey Gay but he got the boot, bummer. This is a good season though!

  2. RPM says:

    @virginia gal: Joey gay did not have too much material to play with. He was funny with his set, but I think the competition really is about writing and delivering. And Gabriel is good at both. No, I have not seen Anthony Clark’s stand up. Jay Mohr at least used to crack some jokes and some good ones too. Anthony Clark does not, unfortunately, and for just doing introductions, they could have had anyone there. As for this season, from the previews, it seems like the final 5 will just have one night to compete against each other and the winner will be announced after that performance. Did you get a feeling that that was the case? I hope there are 4 more episodes though … more comedy to watch šŸ™‚

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