Rockstar Supernova is not that great

It has been a few weeks of Rockstar Supernova and sadly, I have not enjoyed it at all this season. The band sucks (too much rock and too much ‘dirtiness’ compared to INXS), and even worse, the singers also suck.

In any case, last night’s episode had only 3 good performances and 2 of them were from ladies, and I know Supernova is not going to choose a female lead. The Australian was the only good male singer and he was also not that great. Hopefully these singers will improve along the way.

In the Rockstar:INXS season, there were a few singers who stood out right from the first episode and that made it more and more interesting to watch. So this one I am going to force myself to sit through, hoping that a couple of the singers step up big time.

The Tainted Love version was the best last night, but unlike last season where I was able to predict the encore performers, I cannot predict this season. The band is weird. I do not want to buy any Supernova records. No way.


2 thoughts on “Rockstar Supernova is not that great

  1. yeah well when the band consists of members of metallica, guns n runs, and motley crue they aren’t looking for an american idol like singer.

  2. RPM says:

    @katie: I am not looking for an American Idol-like singer, but an INXS-like singer. And I understand that this band will not be looking for someone like JD Fortune. And maybe that is my problem. The band is not a great one to begin with.

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