French GP

This is what I am talking about! What an exciting race after such a long time…Michael Schumacher and Ferrari proved that they are truly the masters of the close race. As long as the car is competitive, there is nobody who can beat Michael Schumacher.

Great race for him, and sadly for him, Alonso got P2 and so Schumy was only able to take 2 points off the lead. It does make the championship a little more interesting, but it will get meaningful only if Alonso has a DNF soon. He keeps getting podium after podium and so he does not lose too many points to anyone.

So, it is on to Hockenheim in Germany with a lot of pressure on Schumy with it being ‘home’ GP.


4 thoughts on “French GP

  1. Forza Ferrari! Was great to see Michael on the top step of the podium…Again!! Pity about losing P2 to Fernando, but anyways…it was a good race. Schumi’s thrill on winning yet another race is always infectious and I am happy to see yet another record under his hat…I love Michael! 🙂

  2. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: Yes, I know you love Michael :-)It was a very good race … reminded me of the good old days when Ferrari was so dominant. Let’s see how the next couple of races go? Will Massa take Alonso out?

  3. Hmmm…I hope Ferrari do well in the next few races, but I agree that we need a DNF from Fernando if the championship is going to be open again. Am really happy for Felipe. He seems to be doing well in the Ferrari. A bit of a surprise for me after seeing him drive for Sauber…didn’t think he had the potential…He’s proved me wrong though! 🙂 I hope Massa is always one step ahead of Fernando…for my sake!! 🙂

  4. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: It is the car that matters. Rubens was a so-so driver before he started at Ferrari and now he is a superstar almost claiming to be #1 driver on the Honda team. Massa is also benefiting a lot from the better car as well as a more organized team with a lot of talent.Oh yea, that block at the first corner at Magny-Cours was superb!

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