Rockstar Supernova

Note: This is being written before I watched the show tonight – it is on DVR and I have not got to it yet.

The show is not living up to the expectations generated from the INXS season. But I repeat myself.

Tommy Lee sucks. As a judge, and as a bandmember (and future band member). He is moody, and crazy and offers absolutely no positive, constructive comments. All he can say is show me your body, or you were hot or ho-hum and such. Useless. Compared to him, any member of INXS was awesome.

The others are ok, including Dave Navarro.

The best performance was from the first woman (Helter Skelter), but I think the encore will go to the crazy-looking dude with the ton of eye shadow. Sorry, I don’t know names yet – maybe after it gets down to last 5 or something.

The bearded guy from New York is going to go tonight …


2 thoughts on “Rockstar Supernova

  1. RPM says:

    @katie: I think you misunderstood me – I did not say he can’t play drums. I said he sucks on the show, first of all, and also as a bandmember (“team player”).

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