Last comic standing

It was a good show last night. I was a little surprised to see Roz go, but oh well.

Ty was funny – he writes well. Michelle’s jokes were not well received, I don’t think. But in some ways like Roz, her delivery was not that great – the punchline was not delivered with enough punch to let it sink in.

Chris Porter was better than last week, but still not the funniest. The fact that he repeated the first joke from an earlier show meant that his writing skills are a little limited. Of course, this also matches the fact that last week he sucked in terms of joke quality.

Josh Blue was hilarious, just like last time. He is probably the best and may win it all if he continues his streak of well-written sets.

Balan may go tonight.


2 thoughts on “Last comic standing

  1. Alright, I give up, I have totally lost following this show. But I’m rooting for the guy with palsey, cause he was a hoot, after my guy Joey Gay. If either of them tour, do please let us know, I’d love to see them in person!

  2. RPM says:

    LOL, Virginia Gal. The magic is in the DVR – set it up to record all LCS and it is there for you to see :-)Josh Blue is too good … I would have never imagined that he would go so far.

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