Rockstar Supernova

I have come to realize that the talent on this season is much worse than last season. Coupled with the sad band, it makes for quite a so-so experience watching the show.

Last night, at least for the first few guys, the panel had only negative things to say, and that too quite harsh. Some of it, I think deservedly, but some of it I would challenge.

I think the crazy woman with a lot of piercings on the face is the best female vocalist and may even be the best singer/performer in this group. The only thing is will she fit into Supernova the band? She may get the encore for the superb version of Time after time.

Either she or the crazy makeup dude will get the encore.

What the heck was that blue dress thingy that Puerto Rican chick wore??? Gosh. It shouted of ‘I cannot sing, so I might as well be slutty’. And similarly, even before Gilby mentioned the grinding, I told the wife that the woman was unnecessarily grinding with Gilby. Pathetic, cheap and sad.

As for kicking out tonight – my feeling is the Puerto Rican chick is gone. But who knows what Tommy Lee is thinking. He is crazy and totally unpredictable. She should have gone two weeks back but he shockingly kept her in the running – was it for face/body value??


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