DirecTV installation problems

Two weeks back, I had set up a directv installation. It was for a Monday and they said it was going to be between 8am and 12noon, so I stayed at home for that time. I had given detailed instructions to the rep who took my order, about how to get to our complex and what to do when the installer gets there, so that I can let him in.

So the first thing that went wrong was that guy did not follow those instructions and landed up at some nearby hotel. What was he thinking? In any case, when he called, I told him to drive on the same road that he was on, pass the convenience store and get into the next set of gates.

Guess what? He actually went up to the convenience store and called me and said ‘I see some market or something, where are you located?’. What?!?!? I told him he did not have to go in there, just use it as a landmark and take the NEXT right. He somehow, after much trying from my part, got it. He drove back out and went to the next set of gates.

Now, I had clearly given instructions about what to do to get in. They were supposed to enter a code which would then let me buzz them in. He did not have that information at all. So I had to explain the whole thing to this guy, who by now I realized, was not interested in this sale.

So finally, he understood what he needed to do and suddenly, he asked me if I could see the sun from my balcony. I was a little puzzled, and I had to respond with the vague ‘I guess so’ 🙂

As he drove in to the building, he kept saying if I do not see the sun, I cannot get service. And I kept pushing the decision out by telling him, yea yea yea, just come up and let me know.

Then, to my most shocking surprise, he got out of the car, and started yelling from down to me, saying it was impossible to get service. No compass, nothing. Just not possible. I told him he should at least come up with a compass, and see if there was any chance of getting it. He said it was a waste of his time and mine!

What?? Are you kidding me? I had already wasted time and I would damn sure want you to confirm and put it in writing that I cannot get the signal. Also, he had bloody driven from wherever his office was, and he might as well spend 5 more minutes, come up and check it out!! It was that simple. But no.

He did not come up at all. He said I am free to call DirecTV and complain about it. He said he has 3 years experience in this stuff and he wanted to guarantee that I cannot get the signal. Then I told him I used to have dish network which 3 different installers said I cannot get. And he did not respond to that, but started walking away.

Ultimately, he did not come up! He just walked away from me and went to his car and drove off.

I was SO angry at that attitude. I am just shocked how a business can allow such a thing. Pathetic.


2 thoughts on “DirecTV installation problems

  1. RPM says:

    @virginia gal: You will not believe it and I did not either – when I called, DirecTV told me ‘I am sorry, they are our subcontractors and we are sorry about it’. So I said, ok, so please send someone else next time, and he said that because of the way the ‘system’ is set up, it will only let him choose that subcontractor! Unbelievable. I had to tell him on his face that at this point I needed him more than he needed me, so I am going to let it be. The reason I need him more is that I am sick of cable – too much crap for too much money.

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