It was an exciting race, but it was complete domination from the Ferraris. Suddenly, with Alonso not being on the podium, the difference between Alonso and Schumacher is down to a reasonable level and it keeps my interest in this season alive 🙂

Schumacher/Massa and the Ferrari team had a total blowout performance. Kimi did well to be on the podium despite a 3-stop strategy, which was essentially because of a glitch in the qualifying that ended up with him having too little fuel on race day.

In any case, it is on to Budapest next weekend and I do hope that Schumacher eats up a few more points (not 2) in the lead so that the last 4 races are the most exciting of the season.

Has Renault lost its confidence?


2 thoughts on “Hockenheim

  1. “Good job Michael. A Superb job well done. All we need to do is win the remaining races”Well thats what I heard on the Radio on the TV. All of em?? Well lets wait n watch. Looks like something wrong with them Michelin tyres …

  2. RPM says:

    @rajesh: isn’t it weird that Michelin which was supposed to be the better tire all year, is now suddenly made to look like crap? And no, Ferrari cannot win all the races … it is a good dream. 🙂

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