Mel Gibson the pig

I never liked him or his movies (did not see the ‘hit’ Passion of the Christ), and after this incident, I don’t think I will see any more of his movies or any other work.

Such damage is hard to undo – no apologies will take back what he said in a drunken state.

Sad day for Hollywood, I must say.


2 thoughts on “Mel Gibson the pig

  1. if he puts out a good movie everybody will forget what he did. Just like nobody remembers that Ray Lewis was involved in a murder or how Rob Lowe used to video tape himself having sex with underage girls.

  2. RPM says:

    @katie: unfortunately, that’s the sad part. People like him and Rob and Ray Lewis should not be forgiven and since their fame and fortune depends on their audiences accepting them, the audience should avoid them. By avoiding them and reducing their ‘market value’, the audience will send a clear signal to others in the same lines that being such huge public figures, they are role models and misbehaving like that has a price. If I say something like that in such a state at an informal company happy hour, would I be spared? No. So why should Mel Gibson be spared? I am not going to be watching anything that he has contributed to.

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