Andre Agassi – sad to see him sunset

I feel it is very sad to see how Agassi’s career is ending. He is losing in first and second rounds of mid-tier tournaments, if he has not pulled out of them already.

He had a nice spike in performance last year and he should have called it quits then. His wife Steffi Graf knew exactly when to do it, and Sampras had a nice moment to leave on. Agassi chose instead to prolong his illustrious career and in the bargain, made me feel bad for him.

We’ll certainly miss him, his personality, his return of serve and his presence in general. I wish I could go to Flushing this year to see his last few matches.


3 thoughts on “Andre Agassi – sad to see him sunset

  1. Its never an easy thing to do. Retire from a game where you have been successful for so long. Some manage to leave it all, while they are at the top – and its a hard thing to do. Not just because of the money, but also because of the glory. And that you ‘miss it all’. So Samparas, Graf are the exceptions. Most guys hang around, hoping that their game will “come back” and put them at the top again. And really, it almost never does. I remember the great guy, Connors, struggling on court. A fighter that he always was, it was the saddest thing to see him tamed by young chaps. Before he left the game. (Lets see what he does with Roddick). And there was Borg who retired, got into financial trouble, thought he could come back, came back, struggled and left. There are many others who just fade away – they don’t declare that they are retiring.. slowly, they just stop playing. But Agassi will remain one of the great guys of the game. He did enough to achieve that status. Unfortunately, his best years coincided with those of the phenomenal Samparas, due to which, he could not achieve as much limelight at the very top, as he might have deserved!

  2. RPM Yes I know it has been a bit sad …I always percieved Agassi as a maverick of tennis something in parrallel to SHane Warne in cricket but he is definetly better behaved than Warne but it is his ability to bounce back and sometimes play breath taking tennis sets him apart from others.

  3. RPM says:

    @spm: I am not trying to say that it is easy to just hang up your racket one day. I am just saying it is sad to see him struggle and lose in the second rounds to pretty much unknowns. He is one of the greats and in fact one of the few in this generation to have won on all surfaces, so he is special. We will miss him. Truly. @tarun: He started off as a maverick, but after his initial years, he became much more mature and calm, collected player … at the same time, he did not lose his game-playing flair. It was just his appearance and mannerisms that changed from being flamboyant to more “cool”.

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