Josh Blue in Last Comic Standing

It was a toss up between Michelle and Chris Porter and it was Michelle who left us last night.

Chris Porter has turned out to be such a disappointment. All he focuses on is drunks or drugs or something to that effect. Sad writing for such critical rounds.

Josh Blue continues to impress with his jokes. Ty I think has the best delivery.

I say Chris is out this week and between Ty and Josh, it is a 50-50.


2 thoughts on “Josh Blue in Last Comic Standing

  1. RPM says:

    @virgina gal: So you finally were able to see it! :-)Ty is not so bad, and he has more ‘material’ than Josh. There are a lot more pauses that Josh provides in his set. But his jokes are somehow funnier, and the difference could be the delivery. Chris Porter is out this week.

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