Rockstar Supernova – what a rendition of Losing My Religion

It was actually not a bad show last night. Except for one or two … ok three … performances, all the rest were quite superb.

The best though, was the Losing My Religion version by whats-his-face from New York. I won’t be surprised if he gets the call tonight for the encore.

The young chick amazes me with her childish comments. At some point she said ‘I even headbanged’. Last night she said ‘I might get a tattoo, I am that bad!’ 😉

Oh, and that Puerto Rican girl?!?!?! What a shocker last week that she stayed and Phil went (though he was not that great, but between the two I would have imagined she would have gone). I do believe Supernova is keeping her for the humor. Which is sad – to have her hopes lifted for nothing. But of course, I do believe she is not minding the publicity at all. After all, no publicity is bad publicity.

Anyway, I think Jill and the weirdo looker guy along with the Puerto Rican girl will be the bottom three. And I will really be shocked, no matter what, if the Puerto Rican does not get knocked out tonight.

And I am terribly sorry I have not memorized any names so far. I will do it when it gets down to top 5 or so.

So far, no real favorites … it keeps changing week to week, so I think there is no clear favorite or two.


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