Eventful weekend over

Had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. Had hosted a function for an important event in our lives and it was attended by about 50 people. Family flew in from out of town and a lot of friends came in and joined the fun.

The ceremony was done in a sort of traditional format, with prayers and the rituals, and some of the people did comment that everything went according to how it is supposed to be done. Some were surprised how “traditional” it was.

Everyone enjoyed it a lot, including us. There was a little less hassle because we hosted it at a restaurant, so the cleaning and everything was taken care of by the restaurant staff.

Both of us missed our immediate family members. It almost felt like a wedding ceremony and it was sad that no one from immediate family was there to witness it and be a part of the experience. Anyway, there is quite a bit of detail captured in the video and hopefully they will be happy to see it.

And now starts the fun. It is surely going to be a hectic period from now to the end of the year. Can’t wait!!


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