I am so sorry for tennis fans in Cincinnati

I completely forgot to write about Federer’s loss on hard courts … the streaks that ended are simply amazing to read:

1. First time he did not reach a final in 14 months (18 events!)
2. First loss this year to someone whose name is not Rafael Nadal
3. 55 consecutive match wins on US Hard Courts

While is is easy to write these things, it is almost impossible in today’s day and age to achieve such things. Hats off to Federer for keeping up the quality.

The next day had Nadal losing to Juan Carlos Ferrero. Which meant that #1 and #2 were both out before the finals.

What promised to be the first US Open Series matchup between the 2 this year, ended up not happening at all. I am sure the fans were ok with Roddick making it to the finals and destroying Ferrero, but it was nothing close to the Federer/Nadal, of course.


4 thoughts on “I am so sorry for tennis fans in Cincinnati

  1. Yes, wasn’t that shocking – Federer’s defeat?! But I think it was coming. The way he won earlier at Toronto (wasn’t it?), he struggled right through, against average players, and went to three sets (best of 3) in most rounds. He appeared tired, I think. I have seen him having lapses of concentration before, but he has so much inside him (like Samparas again)that he can just suddenly raise his game to an altogether different level, and recover. I guess, he did not get fired up, enough, this time!Also Roddick got lucky, with Connors around as coach now..!!

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: yea, I saw the scores in the previous tournament that he played and in fact even saw one of the matches on TV. He did seem very erratic and he seemed to be able to pull through and win it, but more of those games and it could get to you.Its easy to forget that it is not a video game we are talking about, but a ‘normal’ human being! 🙂

  3. Should be a fascinating US Open. With Federer hopefully recharged, Roddick looking more confident (I am not sure how much of that is the Connors factor), and Nadal of course, looking good (easy and confident first round start). For all the emotions involved, Agassi will be lucky to even reach round 3. Now if only the rains will stay away..

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