Frustration with Cingular

I recently received my bill from Cingular wireless and I saw a ridiculously high amount due. It was soridiculously high that I did not even consider it to be real, so without looking into the details of the bill, I just called Cingular customer support to ask them to reverse the unnecessary charges.

And to my surprise, I found out that the minutes were in fact correctly billed! It is such a bloody eye-opener that I have now disciplined myself to not even check voice mail because looking at the bill I did not see many HUGE charges … there were one or two conference calls I took from the phone, which were enough to chew up my bonus minutes and then after using my plan minutes everything is at $0.45/minute!!

I have learnt my lesson. First thing I need to do now is to bump up my plan because now that I am working from home, I end up talking a lot on my cell phone. Partly because I don’t want to give my home number out to work people, and partly because I have Vonage which SUCKS big time. I cannot change from Vonage because I want to keep my phone number and SBC (ATT) does not want to let me keep it because my current residence is too far from the central office which gave me the original number 😦

It is quite irritating to see in this day and age, the frustrations caused by technology limitations!



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