Frustration with television service (Comcast Cable)

I am so tired of my pathetic cable service. And frustrated because of the restrictions imposed by the community in putting up satellite dishes. I can only use the balcony and not the roof. I do not have a good line of sight from my balcony and so I am limited to only using comcast cable service.

And this month, our discount (for switching from dish) runs out so the charges per month get bumped up! I have dropped some premium channel package in order to neutralize that jump, but if I had satellite service, I would not have to!

I am going to keep trying to convince the community to allow me to go to the roof, but again, I am not sure if it is feasible because there is no flat portion of the roof. It means the installer most likely will need a long enough ladder to reach almost 4th floor. I don’t think it is feasible anyway.

So we are stuck with sub-standard service at a higher price for now. 😦


10 thoughts on “Frustration with television service (Comcast Cable)

  1. RPM says:

    @rajesh: yup, I read a lot of stuff about it. So I did not bother upgrading even though I did get the link to do so … Until HTML editing of the layout page is not live and stable, I would not do it. BTW, your feed is dead and has been dead for a while. I only remember your blog address through my feed and since it did not show up, I have not visited your blog in a few weeks now!

  2. i can’t imagine that they are any worse than cox cable. they have a stupid contract with louisiana where they have the cable rights for the entire state. they had to come out three times to my apartment until they got my cable box to work properly. the first two times they left before checking the damn thing saying that it should work perfectly

  3. RPM says:

    @katie: They are actually quite bad … maybe not as bad as the situation you described with Cox, but very similar. The picture jerks and goes muted for a second or two every hour, the internet service slows down inexplicably every now and then, and in general, they are much more expensive than the competition (DirecTV/Dish for tv and ATT/Yahoo DSL for internet). Sadly though, we have no choice.

  4. ya i really wish something could be done to do away with deals like the one in my state that let cable companies have monopolies in certain areas

  5. RPM says:

    @katie: Actually, cable companies say that they are like utilities because they have to work with the city to lay the cable throughout the neighborhoods and stuff. And that is why they want somewhat of a monopoly. But I think that is nonsense. The cable laying part may be city’s responsibility but the service should be anyone’s. And on top of it, our apartment complex has a big contract with the bloody cable guys so all our cable outlets are hooked up with the cable company’s lines. If only there was competition there too, DirecTV could put a big dish on top of each building and route the cabling down to each apartment and let everyone choose their signal. But no. Nothing like that. 😦

  6. When I see comments like this, I can’t help but imagine an arrogant cable executive looking at this as some kind of proof of their superiority. More expensive + worse service = unhappy customer. But what do they care? If you don’t have any other options you can’t switch services – so why should the cable corporations spend money and effort trying to make customers happy? It’s exactly this lapse of customer service that will ultimately lead people to start endorsing and seeking out other options and will lead to the downfall of the original cable vertical franchises. When given a choice, people will almost always opt for a service that treats them well.

  7. RPM says:

    @RMBatenburg: Why would the cable guys not realize that sooner or later there is going to be competition and that their prices and their service quality are NOT going to match the newcomers? Anyway, for now, for lack of a decent competitor I am stuck with them. But I reduced to a lower level, and also dumped their cable internet service.

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