Farewell Agassi

So it finally came to an end. It had to. Agassi’s body was giving way slowly and after a long (very long for him) match against Baghdatis I was sure he was not going to last any longer.

What an irony that his last match was against “B. Becker” from Germany!

Andre’s burst of emotion at the end of the match and the ovation from the crowd was quite moving. He really erupted.

Andre Agassi has been phenomenal in his career and I feel fortunate to have seen a lot of his classic matches from his early, flamboyant days to his calm, cool collected mature self recently.

Have a good life, Andre!


2 thoughts on “Farewell Agassi

  1. Indeed, salute to the great man! To think of his amazing transformation from an immature rockstar like image to becoming an icon for the sports, he really turned around, over the years. And 21 consecutive years at the US Open – wow.. his outburst at the end, can certainly be understood now! And he was in the finals last year..! He was the last player of that era still active, and its an official hand over of the baton now.

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