Tough game against Arkansas put away

After the 70-17 thumping from last year at the Coliseum, the return match at Fayetteville was not going to be easy. 76,000 crazy fans out in support of their team for the big revenge. USC losing a solid chunk of its great offense to the NFL. Inexperience at the crucial running back position. And of course a greatly improved Arkansas team.

All meant that it was not going to be over quickly like the last year. USC would have to really have a mistake-free game to overcome all the shortcomings.

And USC did play a great, error-free game. John David Booty seems ok, and I think he can only get better. The biggest revelation was how quickly the freshmen got into the game. I liked the idea of rotating all the new running backs and giving them almost equal time.

I still believe we are going to miss Lendale White. Let’s hope one or more of the current crop steps into that much-needed short yardage play game.


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