About to drop comcast cable for internet

I am about 2 days from switching to DSL from cable internet. Despite all the advertisements about how much faster cable internet is compared to DSL, I have not had much success lately. Comcast sucks, over all its products, but more importantly, if I do a traceroute to my cable modem’s IP address from one of the many sites available on the internet, I see a consistent and heavy packet loss two hops before my IP. That is ridiculous.

I had Vonage do a conference call with Comcast and me, and we were able to create a case with comcast network team. 3 days later, I did not hear from anyone, so I called comcast and they said it was fixed! What? No call to let me know it was fixed? It was, after all, an ‘escalated ticket’!

In any case, I tried the same traceroute again and saw similar packet losses and no improvement in my Vonage problems. I was tired of the nonsense service I was getting from cable and I signed up for DSL.

I am also in the process of getting rid of all non-needed services from my cable tv (until we move, when the FIRST condition will be availability/possibility of satellite dish)!

I am so sick of this monopoly/duopoly in such services …!!


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