Alonso docked before the start of the race!

What a shame … it does smell of a Ferrari string-pulling in their backyard … Alonso was called for “blocking” Massa in the qualifying … what was a shame because Massa was not even close to Alonso and Alonso was on a qualifying lap anyway!

Formula 1 is getting hairier and dirtier with Alonso being so strong and Ferrari being so close to Renault in the driver and championship points.


4 thoughts on “Alonso docked before the start of the race!

  1. well he would not have made such comments if he would have finished Third… just because he could not finish it… what a stupid way to show frustration……

  2. It really does not matter what u believe or what i believe….what matter is a behavior of a personWell i too belive but this is not the first time it has happened F1….when u are in community u cant really go on making some stupid press confrence and insult someone who has dominated F1 in last 15 years….. he is just a kid, ofcoz mentally he need to grow up….

  3. RPM says:

    @fal: Well, it does matter what I believe. That will determine if I will go hard on Alonso or not. In this case, since I do not believe he was at fault, I can say he was justified in complaining. There does seem to be a conspiracy to push Schumy … but who knows the facts???

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