College football weekend

It was a good weekend for me to watch the other games while USC was on a bye week.

Notre Dame had a great game against Penn State. It was more a show of their defense than their offense, though their offense had to show up after a sad game last week against Georgia Tech.

Cal redeemed a bit of their lost pride from last week. They started off a pathetic showing in the first quarter and then came back big. I think their running backs are quite immature what with all the personal fouls they committed in the beginning.

The best and the most hyped game was of course in the evening – Ohio State with a rematch of last year’s game with Texas. This time it was at Texas, but most importantly, it was with Texas minus Vince Young. And I think that was the biggest difference maker. Texas had huge problems converting at critical moments, but frankly, it was not the QB’s fault. It was mistakes from the receivers which caused most of the problems. But Vince Young could have made a lot of those playing running himself in for 6-7 yards at 3rd down, which the new QB could not. And of course, Troy Smith seems to be a stud QB, making critical passing plays at critical points in the game.

Overall, a decent and pressure-free weekend for me! 🙂


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