Welcome back, Sachin!

What a way to come back to international cricket after a surgery-related break! I saw a bit of his innings (before the first rains started) and it looked like he came out with a very positive frame of mind and was willing to take the aerial route from quite early on.

Unfortunately the rains made the match get under the Duckworth-Lewis umbrella and India ended up losing the match.

Another man of the match, another good effort in a loss. But it will be a great confidence-booster before the match against Australia. And of course, in general, mentally it is good to know that you can stay at the wicket till the end.

Welcome back, Sachin!


2 thoughts on “Welcome back, Sachin!

  1. RPM says:

    @rajesh: It would be nice to keep track of the reporters who write him off when he is out of commission and what they say now. Hypocrites 🙂

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