I used to like Yahoo Sports and Dan Wetzel

If you went to Yahoo Sports yesterday, you could not have avoided seeing the story about the Yahoo Sports Exclusive investigation on Reggie Bush and his family receiving payments while he was at USC.

It is important to note that pretty much every other sports news outlet had a ‘brief mention’ of it only. Does that tell you something? I don’t know – you decide yourself.

What interest does Yahoo Sports have in doing this investigation when Pac-10 and USC are also doing it? Is there an investigation team bake-off? And how can Yahoo come up with their findings before the rest, and be bold enough to create a stir?

I don’t know what is true and what is not. But stripping the Heisman and the National Title is certainly childish. So what, is ESPN going to start saying ‘USC, the winner of the national title which was taken away 2 years later, won its game against so-and-so’? Will you refer to Reggie Bush as the Heisman winner who gave up his trophy the following year after he was chosen #2 in the draft? Its pointless.

Trojanwire and Deadspin have a couple of good arguments.


5 thoughts on “I used to like Yahoo Sports and Dan Wetzel

  1. RPM says:

    @katie: What I am saying is taking away the Heisman and the National Title is childish. I am not saying they do not deserve to be punished. That’s of course, if there is any truth in what Yahoo Sports has found out so far.

  2. IF, IF, IF the NCAA finds USC guilty of rules violations that warrant stripping of our 2004 title … and IF, IF, IF the white-guys-in-suits that run the Heisman decide to take Reggie’s trophy away … the punishment would not be childish. Referring to USC and Reggie with some long ridiculous explanation would be. The bottom line is that no other reputable news source cares enough about this story to investigate it, because the parties involved are proven sleaze balls who do not pass as reputable sources for a legitimate news story.The Displaced Trojan

  3. RPM,I’m not calling Reggie a sleaze ball. I’m refering to the New Era people and his current agent who was found guilty of fraud by the NFL. Everybody is suing and counter suing each other. Check out my post on this if you like.The Displaced Trojan

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