ABC coverage of football

This Saturday, there are two games slated for 5pm Pacific on abc – Notre Dame at Michigan State and USC at Arizona. On my comcast cable program guide, it shows they are going to be showing the Notre Dame game.

But what if I want to see the USC game? Which channel, if at all, will it come on?


7 thoughts on “ABC coverage of football

  1. Nope… ESPN2 is showing NCState-Boston College, according to Yahoo TV. They’re showing ND-MSU in the areas that are getting USC-Arizona on ABC, but if you don’t get USC-Arizona on ABC, you’re bum out of luck. It’s the same story here in South Bend. Sigh.

  2. RPM says:

    @katie: Thanks for the info. But no, my comcast program guide shows BC-NC State OR ND-Michigan State. Interesting, because abc program guide information does not shows ND-Michigan State Or anything else. @brendan: Thanks, and I checked again (thinking the guide gets updated closer to game day) and it still shows only ND-Michigan State on abc. Oh well 😦

  3. RPM says:

    @steve: If the game is on ESPN alternate or something, I don’t want to get the Gameplan. Is it even listed on Gameplan for Bay Area coverage?

  4. RPM says:

    The strange thing is that comcast’s program guide changed late on Friday night to denote abc’s game as USC/Arizona and the ESPN2 guide started showing a choice between BC game and ND game. They ended up showing the ND game on ESPN2. Ah, the television networks. And boo, comcast!

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