India scampers home

After a batting collapse (except for Sachin Tendulkar and surprisingly Harbajan), India was able to bowl well and win a low-scoring match against the West Indies.

I almost bought the online broadcast, but by the time I realized the match is going on, India was already 38 for 4! I thankfully did not buy it because I would have been furious! It was quite frustrating to see the famed Indian batting fail once again.

Sachin Tendulkar of course seems to be quite comfortable after coming back from a surgery. I did not see much of his play, but in general, if he could carry his bat in the first match and score 65 out of 162 in this one, it does look like he is ready for prime time.

Bowling-wise, I did not track the match much, but from the analysis it looks like it was simply a disciplined bowling attack. But I also read that a lot of the wickets that West Indies lost, were unnecessary and more of batting mistakes than great bowling or bad pitch.

In any case, beating West Indies gives India a chance to make it to the finals, and the only thing that they need to do now is beat Australia. Of course, it is much much easier said than done. Let’s see what happens.

No matter what, I am not going to watch the game tonight. No. No. No. 🙂


2 thoughts on “India scampers home

  1. There was certainly an element of luck in India’s win. West Indies shuffled their batting order seriously. I mean, Lara at number 9.. and at that position too, when he came in, all seemed lost, and he nearly managed to grab victory. For a change, having secured a position in the final, even before this game, West Indies experimented to an extent. The great thing for India was that they ‘hung on’. It is so important in such close games.Also Sachin’s dismissal was an unfortunate one – run out at the bowler’s end. The saddest way to get out. Else we would have seen few more on the board. And we have Australia batting first, and India to chase to win – we are supposedly great chasers in recent times, with a record streak behind us. So lets see how it works out..

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: So as it turns out, Australia won the match and India is out. I hope all the bad luck is stuck with the team now and they come out of it starting the Champions trophy. Most importantly, I would hope that the World Cup is a decent one for India.

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