Studio 60

I loved the premiere episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. NBC finally has realized, it seems, that ridiculing itself (through shows like this and 30 Rock, and Conan O’Brian’s Emmy performance) may get the general public to sympathize with them and start liking them again.

Well, with NBC Sunday Night Football and the preceding Football Night in America with Bob Costas and the gang, they have a great vehicle to market their new shows. And it does seem like they may have a good show or two (Friday Night Lights is the other one I am looking forward to seeing) to bounce back in the ratings.

I wish them luck, because I always liked NBC but hated it when they decided to cancel American Dreams and to a certain extent, Heist.


One thought on “Studio 60

  1. Studio 60 does indeed look like a potentially great show, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a West Wing / Friends mash-up, with a bunch of other semi-recognizable actors from other shows thrown in, like when you see the fairytale characters in Shrek.The Displaced Trojan

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