Chinese GP

I have disconnected Speed channel from my cable lineup so I did not see the Chinese GP this weekend. But I just read about it and realized that Renault made two mistakes in the pit stops to give Schumacher the win and therefore the lead in the championship!

Two mistakes in one race? That’s unbelievable, coming from such a reliable shop.

In any case, it is getting more and more exciting now and I may be tempted to get Speed connected back for a few weeks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chinese GP

  1. Our Chinese curse has finally been lifted. WOOHOO!! Excellent drive by Michael and I am absolutely thrilled that after 2 years of misery, Schumi claimed the Shanghai track before he retired. Fernando’s woes couldn’t have come at a better time but who cares about Fernando, right?! :DPity about Kimi having to retire early in the race. With the Scuderia’s drive under his belt for ’07, I personally don’t think the Iceman can be stuffed anymore…Forza Ferrari! Fingers crossed, in 3 weeks time, we will be crowned as champions in both categories…

  2. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: Yes, I am happy that Schumy won, but by the time I am writing this, he is virtually out of the championship race because of his DNF in the last race :-(Now, he needs to win and Alonso needs to crash out. Will Massa be of help here? 😉

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