I have been spoiled. I have not had a commute of more than 10 minutes for a very long time. Even when I was going to San Diego, truly my commute was 2 minutes since the hotel was real close to the office there.

And now, with this new project I have a commute of at least 30 minutes, and more if I leave earlier (peak time) or if the traffic gets crazy because of rains or whatever.

We are thinking about Caltrain as an option. Wonder when the onboard WiFi will be made available…


3 thoughts on “Commute

  1. RPM says:

    @samir: I didn’t know it was on WiMax. Does that mean it is not going to see the light of day? @rajesh: Yea, driving can make you go insane with the stop-and-go. Caltrain certainly is a better option.

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