Matt Leinart unlucky again – Rackers muffs it up

What a pity this Monday Night Football game was. Matt Leinart and the Arizona Cardinals were on fire and they made the Chicago Bears look like, well, the 49ers of last year 🙂

After having a 20-point lead, to give up the game on Edge’s fumble and Neil Rackers’ missed field goal is shameful.

I feel quite sorry for them. The good thing is that the next game for the Cardinals is at Oakland and given how bad Oakland has been, Matt Leinart may well get his first win in Oakland. If not for my ‘busy schedule’ in the upcoming week, I would have actually thought of going to Oakland to see the game!


2 thoughts on “Matt Leinart unlucky again – Rackers muffs it up

  1. RPM says:

    @rajesh: The Bears had no business to win that game. The Cards had absolutely no business to lose that game. Leinart is just unlucky.

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