Pete Carroll thinks its No Fun League

In this week’s press luncheon, Pete Carroll said this about Matt Leinart and the unusual place he is in, with 3 losses!

On talking to Matt Leinart and losing more NFL games so far than at USC:

“He’s been hit more too. Steve Sarkisian talked to him last night. I talked to him after the Monday night game. He’s in a difficult situation for him. He’s unfamiliar with it. Even through his high school years, he won all those games too. He does know what it feels like when things are going good and you have the confidence to finish games and you take on your opponents with a real air, that you know you’re going to win. It’s hard for them right now, for the whole team and what more so for Matt. He does understand it and he’ll know when it starts to change and shift and I think he’ll be able to lead them very well if he continues to get his opportunities. The classic deal for them last game, coming off a huge Monday night event… come up short, all of that and then go against a team that hasn’t won a game. All of a sudden, they look like the world champs. That’s kind of classic and it’s unfortunate but it’s the ups and downs of how it goes. You have to struggle through it. He was very frustrated by it. That’s why they call it the “no fun league”. It humbles you.”


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