It was not at close as it ended

Yes, I saw the India-West Indies match. It was a lot easier for the West Indians than it seemed to be. Lara started a brief collapse which increased the interest in the game towards the end. If not for that last big shot by Samuels, it would actually have been interesting.

In any case, the bottomline is that India did not deserve to win. The batting is pathetic nowadays with some of the “stars” constantly failing. The bowling is inept both at the top and at the bottom so much so that one of the better bowlers was Sehwag!

India needs to drop Sehwag first, and get someone solid at the top so they don’t find themselves in a 21-1 or 34-2 situations too much. Then, Yuvraj needs to be replaced so that India can finish off the innings well.

I understand that Agarkar is not going to play the next match, and Patel is not 100% so the fast bowling department is absolutely useless based on current form. And that may be the biggest difference maker against Australia, with Gilchrist showing signs of coming back to some sort of form.

So it is going to be a virtual quarter final tomorrow with India and Australia fighting for the last spot in the semis. Let’s see how India responds. And let’s see what Australia brings to the table.


4 thoughts on “It was not at close as it ended

  1. You are right. They were comfortably cruising along. There was an artificial excitement created by some late wickets but they always looked under control. And we are not really reputed to bowl any great ‘death’ overs. In fact, in today’s times, I don’t remember any team or bowler doing that too well.. in most situations of this kind, the batsmen emerge victorious. And where they don’t, its usually because they thrown their wickets away and not because of some outstanding bowling.. – SPM

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: The pathetic performance continues with the total domination of the game by the Aussies in the virtual quarter finals. I am not sure if I want to watch the World Cup anymore.

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