USC finally loses and that too in a bullshit game

USC’s multiple streaks ended. And sadly, in a loss that I can only term as bullshit. There were so many chances that the Beavers gave the Trojans to stay in the game, and so many (plus more) chances that the Trojans gave up. Forget about blowing away opponents in the recent past after a bye week, forget about having a great October/November under Pete Carroll, this team plain sucked today.

I feel so bad that the loss did not come against a worthy opponent, no offense Beavers. Losing to Cal or to Oregon or even ND would have been sort of digestible. This loss against a “gimme” opponent is just pathetic.

How about those bloody turnovers! Chauncey was supposed to have a breakout game here but he was one of the culprits. And forget about the final stats for JDB, but his unfortunate INT at the top of the first quarter after a quick strike by the Beavers was probably a very costly turnover. If USC had made the scores even, it would have made OSU slight overwhelmed but instead the INT gave them more confidence and they just did not let up.

Anyway, I hope USC is not the answer to Stanford’s winless season so far, next week!


5 thoughts on “USC finally loses and that too in a bullshit game

  1. The Trojans came on to the field knowing they would win this one. “I loved the comeback, but we aren’t patting ourselves on the back,” coach Pete Carroll said. “We thought we were going to win all the way until we didn’t.” Oregon knew coming onto the field that the Trojans had escaped by the skin off their teeth in the previous weeks. I think the Beavers came onto the field knowing they had a good chance at damming the Trojan’s season.

  2. RPM says:

    @Mr. Fumbles: Yes, USC’s lack of turnovers forced, and the high number of fumbles lost was going to catch up with them sooner than later.Now, I am just hoping this is a good wake up call and the ball protection and pass rush improves in the vital final stretch.

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