Tried to switch in vain

I tried to switch (after a long wait) to the new beta blogger today, and unfortunately, was not able to. 😦

The message said that there are a variety of reasons a blogger may not be able to switch. Most of the conditions did not apply in my case, but the one that may apply is that I have ‘a lot of posts and comments – a couple thousand or so’. I check on my dashboard and I have about 1400 posts and I would imagine about 200 or so comments.

So after resisting for so long, when I finally give up, I hit disappointment of not being able to switch. Dang it! I thought I’d spend some time over the weekend updating my template with some of the bells and whistles that I have on this blog.

Oh well, will wait it out, I guess.


5 thoughts on “Tried to switch in vain

  1. You’ve got me worried now. I have 500 posts with around 800 comments and 200 pictures, and I was about to switch, but after reading what you say I fear the possibility of the switch not working and then not being able to revert to the original blog intact.I’ve already switched half a dozen smaller blogs without problems but this is the important one and I guess I will wait a bit longer before I try switching it.

  2. RPM says:

    @tony: Give it a shot, it did not stop midway. As soon as I accept the terms of service, I was given a message that my blog cannot be switched and gave me a link to the article which shows what are the reasons a blog cannot be switched. I will wait, I guess.

  3. I thought they got it all sorted out. Good that you were not able upgrade. Better than the blog just dissapearing from the www world 😉 (Happened to me actually. But all’s well now)

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