Should I say phew?

Given the upset special tags put on the game, I should say ‘phew’ after USC beat Oregon. Of course, the game was well played by USC and equally badly played by Oregon.

That TD review was a joke … it took 15 minutes or so for the review, which reversed the decision of the TD. Then after a challenge (ludicrous as it is, to challenge an official REVIEW!) by Mike Belloti, and another 10 minutes or so of nothingness, the reversal was reversed! How bizarre is that!

In any case, in terms of rankings and stuff, the day was a good one for USC. Auburn, Cal, Texas all lost. Also, Arkansas trounced Tennessee, and Louisville had already lost to Rutgers. And finally, Florida had a close call with South Carolina. So a sort of a perfect day for USC. But it is too early in November to pronounce anything.

Next weekend is a big one (#2 of 4) for USC. I am really not bothered about Michigan/Ohio State. Cal at USC is the biggest game that day. It will decide (practically) the winner of Pac 10 and therefore a guaranteed berth in a BCS bowl. It will also push the winner’s value in the national rankings picture, though Cal with two losses by now has no chance realistically of making it to the National Title game.

So … can’t wait for next Saturday!

update: Thanks, Displaced Trojan, my bad to include Georgia in the “all lost”. Don’t know what I was thinking. I updated those lines of this post.


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