I am not watching the Ohio State-Michigan game

I am sorry to say, but due to the following factors, I am not going to watch the Michigan-Ohio State game:

1. Too much being reported already on it, so much that it has created a state of overdose in my mind
2. I think the teams are both going to have it so much on their heads that it going to be a pathetic, mistake-ridden, absolutely no-fun game
3. I cannot spare time on a Saturday nowadays to watch two football games and of course I think Cal at USC is the “better” game to watch

So yes, I have set my DVR to record a few Sportscenters in the evening, but I am not going to watch the entire bloody game.

Let’s talk about it after the game – who ended up being the better team and who is legit and who is not. For now, shut up already.


One thought on “I am not watching the Ohio State-Michigan game

  1. The tension is building for tomarrow’s college football show down between No.1 Ohio State and No.2 Michigan…and I mean tension. Q: Why did Ohio State switch from artifical turf to grass? A: So the cheerleaders would have somewhere to graze. Ouch! It is predicted by many polls that if Ohio State loses to Michigan they will fall in the rankings to No.3 or worse. Tomarrow, Ohio State not only needs to win; they must defend their chances at a the National Title. You’ll be the only dumbass not watching.

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