The day after the day after the loss against the Bruins

I deliberately did not post right after the loss because I was quite angry. It was a heart-breaking loss. It was a semi final type of situation – win and go to the National Championship. But it was not to be.

Several things disturbed me during the game:

1. USC for some reason, after a VERY long time, seemed to have no spine. It was like they were there for some ordinary game that had no bearing on their lives at all.
2. Pete Carroll kept pushing the fact that the ucla defense was extremely fast and that USC was going to have a tough time beating them. But hey, he did not seem to understand 5 other teams had beaten ucla already!
3. Bringing up weird dreams of the last time USC played there, the offense failed to convert quite a few short yardage situations.
4. Could Pete Carroll have always wanted to play at the Rose Bowl in a BCS game? Just to end his USC career with a win at the Rose Bowl? Could he be going to the Arizona Cardinals?

Of all these things, I don’t know which one concerns me the most. I would say, PC leaving would be the most concerning to me. He would take away the energy, the motivational success, and most importantly, the recruiting power, with him.

And the second most concerning factor is that lack of a fight from USC in the second half especially.

Ok you bruins, you get the bragging rights for a year. See you same time next year!


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